Wednesday, October 28, 2009

3:42am, November 21st, 2002

It's dark. Why is it so dark? Oh's night is my window glowing?

"Nadine! Get the kids dressed and get them out of the house!"

My dad rips the front door open, pulling on his big leather dogsledding mits. I watch through the crack in my doorway, the light from the front hall somewhat blinding me as I cling to my blanket.

"Amanda, get dressed right now! We have to get out! It's ok baby sshhh," my mothers voice cracks as she tries to comfort my little brother. I'm standing on my bed, not knowing what to do. The dogs are howling, my brother is crying, and there's a strange roaring sound coming from outside.

"Mommy! What's wrong!"
She enters my room, takes my hand and pulls me into the front hall, feverishly stuffing my arms through my jacket; Kyle is sitting on the front bench, already suited up. He doesn't seem to understand what's going on - he's only 5. But then again, I'm 11 and I don't understand what's going on either.

We all trek outside into the snow, the cold and the dark. At least it would have been dark if not for one thing.

The garage is on fire.

It is a giant orange inferno. My mom puts my brother and I into the back seat of the car, and she stands outside with a phone in her hand. She is trying not to cry all the while. Then she hangs up; covering her mouth with an empty palm, unbelieving of what's happening. I don't know where my dad is.

All I can do is watch.


  1. I like it!

    Very good. Short and sweet. It's quick and confusing, just like the acutal event would have been. I'm intrigued. Where is your dad? Did it all work out? Why was your garage on fire?

    Good job! I enjoyed it very much!

  2. I liked it too...everything to the sights and sounds, to the "giant orange inferno." It's great how you mention these things because I'm assuming that I would be too panicked to recall some of details if this happened to me. I also had questions about it at the end, but this works because your post is just a snippet of the actual event. I also like how your title is the time when this fire happened, I'm assuming. Great work.